Reducing and preventing waste in the clothing industry through a circular business model.

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Hack Your Closet is reducing and preventing waste in the clothing industry. We do this by taking clothes out of the waste stream and prolong their life. It’s second-hand clothes, overproduced items, deadstock, and unsold clothes.

Hack Your Closet prolongs the life of clothes by circulating these between its customers through a subscription service. For 29 €/month, you get 4-5 garments selected for you based on your style profile. Your style profile, that you create when signing up to the service, is matched with the clothes that we have rescued. This match is done with the help of data and the human judgements of our personal stylists. You can use the clothes for 4 weeks before returning them. The clothes are then washed and sent out again to another customer that matches the style.

This way, we can increase the usage of clothes that would have been wasted from sometimes 0 usages up to 96 usages!

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