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Hagamos Composta is a project that aims to reduce the amount of garbage produced in the cities through an organic waste pick up service. The organic waste is transformed into compost to re-incorporate it into the soil, provide nutrients and reduce pollution through good waste management. It is a Sustainable option for those families who want to be responsible and do not have the knowledge, tools, space, or time to do it. It is a solution to the problem of organic waste management in Mexico. In must of the cities of Mexico and Latin-American there is no public organic waste management.

Every week, we pick up the organic waste of people houses or business in reusable buckets. All the waste that is collected is transported to fields where we compost it. We have hot compost piles where the organic waste is transformed into compost in approximately 4 to 6 months. After the compost is ready, we give it back to the people that is part of the project, so they can use it as a natural fertilizer.

With this project, people have a chance to be responsible with their organic waste, reduce garbage, reduce greenhouse emissions, and create a more just and sustainable society.

We have a social development project. It arises from the needs of 10 young people, who collaborate with us, from Xonacatlán. The goal is to achieve community development and create local sources of employment through sustainable projects.

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