Hollbium Loops

We bring farming to you - Hollbium offers vertical hydroponic Loops to grow healthy greens where- and whenever you need it.

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Shape the future of food

Our vision is to make farming a natural part of every indoor environment to contribute to sustainable urban development. 

Enjoy the beauty and fresh taste of locally produced greens while being part of a bigger movement to make food more sustainable and more self-sufficient. The Loop offers early access to a new food experience that reduces emissions and waste while ensuring that harvest is unaffected by a shifting climate. 

Sustainable Interior Design: The Loop combines a circular business model with a biophilic approach that is healthy & inspiring. Besides growing organic edible greens, the Loop is a decorative multi-sensory experience (light, cleaner air & scent). People benefit from increased wellbeing, comfort and creativity while stress is reduced.

Technology: We build state-of-the-art hydroponic systems, growing plants sustainably without soil in any indoor environment. They use no floor space, less water, no pesticides & the plants grow 2 times faster. It can be harvested year-round, always fresh and without transportation. This also reduces food waste.

Modular Design: The Loops are made to last, designed to be repaired, reused & recycled and manufactured locally. Both our customers & the environment benefit from a subscription based model where Loops always find a new home.

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