Turning agro-industrial waste into biodegradable takeaway food packaging containers.

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You’ve spent time finding the best restaurant with high ratings for your favorite order. But have you noticed whether those orders came in cardboard container or in a plastic container? Shouldn’t our food packaging be just as good for health and the planet as the actual food? We think so.

An increase in smartphone users has given a boost to online food delivery services worldwide which reflects a potential increase in online shopping for food and beverages. This in turn generates huge amount of packaging waste. To tackle this, we have come up with a solution that already exists in nature.

This project aims to use natural covers of nuts and grains to make takeaway food packaging.

If we closely observe nature, it provides us with certain food items which already come packed in natural containers. Covers of nuts and grains are very similar in properties to a typical container, which led us to selecting them as the material for packaging.

These covers form a part of agro-waste and can be procured from manufacturing factories. Packaging made from these covers prove to be a healthier alternative to plastic packaging. Along with the natural properties the products come with widely customizable and multi-functional designs. After using these containers, they can be decomposed to further use as soil fertilizers.

Along with these features, these containers can be made available at pocket friendly prices.

Establishing these products can lead this small idea to contribute to a greater cause.

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