We ensure maximum profitability among poor small scale farmers in Kenya through ensuring zero waste and total sale of all farmers produce.

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80% of total food in Kenya is produced by small scale farmers. Due to ineffective farming methods, use of low quality inputs, production per unit area is very poor. Small scale farmers depends on rural brokers for bulking and market access.due to selectivity of mass market which is more visual based, 40% of total produce is deselected as unsalable quality(small size or irregular shaped). small scale farmers live in absolute poverty with only 1/10 making profit.with delivery system of food from brokers -mass market-retail to consumer taking long time, fresh food availability in slums is rare with those available being too expensive to cover costs and loses. 70% of Urban vegetables was declared unfit as farmers over spray in a bid to increase sizes to match market big size and visual requirement. in Kenya there are >3million poor smalL scale farmers suffering from high post harvest wastages with over 8 millions Kenyans facing starvation.with amount wasted according to world Bank being $4billion,3times amount required to feed the suffering starving population.

We aggregate unsalable quality from poor farmers ,slice to cooking size, brine and pack in conservative modified atmospheric packaging bags(for extend life of up to 40 days) and deliver directly to consumer schools and slum mama bogas. Through these, we assure market to poor farmers produce thus increased revenue. Slum dwellers get access to safe fresh food with retailers avoiding food waste that occur when she source overstayed food from wholesale markets. With farmers assured of markets, oversoraying and use of sewer for big sized vegetable will decrease making urban vegetables safe and healthy to eat.

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