The Invisible Food platform brings companies that want to donate food with NGOs.

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The Invisible Food was born out of indignation in a moment of leisure. Daniela Leite, founder of the company, was with her son at home and decided to make jam. She went to buy the fruits in a warehouse and began to see piles of discarded good food, thrown in the trash. She could no longer live with this absurdity. Invisible Food was born to give light to lost food.

Invisible Food is a social startup certified by FAO / UN with the Save Food seal. Our mission is to reduce waste, bad food distribution and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases on the planet. We are a hub of solutions that are specialised in public policy and waste reduction from food. We believe that technology is at the service of humans to build a more sustainable, local and circular economy.
We offer a complete platform, with metrics and indicators so that companies can better manage their losses and waste and give the correct destination to foods that have.

Our platform uses geolocation to approach companies that have good and proper food for donation with NGOs that serve food for people in situations of social vulnerability. Thus, we reduce the logistical cost, fight food waste and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. In addition to the possibility of donation, we offer KPIs on the platform so that companies can better manage their waste and losses.

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