Recyling used diapers to make a fuel and construction material.

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Diapers are essential products that facilitate hygiene. Globally, over 4.5 billion diapers are used annually and in Kenya 800 million diapers yearly.  However, lack of proper waste management causes a menace that is hazardous to the environment. Waste diapers block drainage systems, polute water bodies, which is health risk, and fill up land fills. This organic waste releases methane and other green house gases which promote climate change.

We, LeafyLife, developed a unique energy efficient diaper recycling process that solves this problem. We designed chemical technology that uses benign organic chemicals to clean breakdown diapers into individual constituents and makes useful products from them. Our process is the first in the world that uses far less energy and water therefore it is economically feasible. The use if benign organic chemicals ensures that our waste is not hazardous to the environment.

Our products include construction material made from the plastic e.g tiles and table tops, and fuel that burns cleanly without carbon monoxide, smoke or soot. Furthermore, our fuel produces 76% less carbon dioxide than conventional fossil fuels. Analysis by Climate Impact Forecast show that using our fuel for one year cuts carbon emissions for each household by 152 tons.

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