Responsible Consumption and Circular Economy made easy, sexy and accesible for the masses.

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We exist to motivate people to question their habits. Why has it become normal to buy laundry detergent with carcinogens? why has it become normal to buy products in plastic packaging that take more than 500 years to degrade?

We go beyond reducing waste.We are asking humans to pause and reflect on their consumption habits and live more balanced with our planet.

We are Circular Economy made easy. Our grocery, personal care, and cleaning products come in reusable glass containers. When you need more products, you simply tell us how many containers you have and we refund you almost 1 USD each. When we deliver your order we take back the empty containers and reuse them.

We go beyond the packaging. Every product has a great history behind it. All of our products are sourced locally from the best natural producers in the country. We are empowering (and transferring millions of pesos) to them by using our logistics, marketing and online sales knowledge to bring them closer to people that are happy to buy their products but couldn’t do it before us.

We grew with almost no funding thanks to an amazing community of loyal customers and now we need help to scale and target a broader set of consumers.

We believe we have the power and voice to educate millions of people, raise their consciousness and improve their consumption habits.

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