Loop Collective seeks to minimize environmental impact and contribute to a circular system through recycling and upcycling clothes and accesories.

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Loop Collective intends to build a fashion community that seeks to buy and sell, as well as redesign and intervene clothes, accessories or shoes in order to minimize environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable and conscious system with the industry.

Loop means a process in which the end is connected to the beginning, something circular and that is what recycling (using again) and upcycling (reuse in such a way as to create a higher quality or value than the original) processes are. Collective is because the project intends to become a cooperative enterprise, where artists, designers and consumers could play a role in this process in order to form a fashion community.

In a first stage, we will start by buying and selling second hand clothes. People will be able to sell their pre-loved garments and accessories through us. Loop collective will select the clothes that fit with all the fulfillments and the ones that can’t be sold through our platform, will be left for the upcyling process or for a donation to a charity institution.

The elegible product will be kept in concession and at the moment it is sold we will keep 20% of the money, while the 80% will be given to the person who pre-owned the clothes or accessories.

Then, in a second stage Loop Collective will team up with designers and artists to intervene some of the best garments and give them a new look.

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