A strong, translucent and home-compostable packaging material made from fish waste, providing a planet conscious alternative to flexible plastic film.

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MarinaTex is a multi award winning material made from red algae and proteins extracted from fish waste. Designed as a planet conscious alternative to single use plastic film, the flexible, translucent material will biodegrade fully in a home compostable environment between 4-6 weeks. Since it is organic, it will not leach harmful chemicals or toxins when decomposing and uses circular economy principles when sourcing raw ingredients. These properties, along with its high tensile strength make it an ideal material for packaging applications.   Circularity is an important feature of MarinaTex. Not only is the material disposed through the biological loop (composted) it also uses a waste stream as feedstock. The UN estimates that global fish waste amounts to 50 million tonnes per year. Using a waste stream reduces strains on resources and diverts waste from landfill. Additionally, by supporting fish processing plants that are only part of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition, MarinaTex is actively incentivising sustainable fishing, key to establishing sustainability in a capitalist economy.   Currently, the development of MarinaTex is at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4. With the optimisation R&D package scoped for Q2 2021. Once optimisation has been completed MarinaTex will pilot the material in a packaging application to get invaluable feedback from users and formulate a small manufacturing cell. This will provide key information needed to get to the next stage of scale up.   We create circular solutions to linear problems, valuing form, function

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