METAVOGUE empowers you to wear and express yourself with digital fashion throughout your daily digital life to cut fashion’s footprint.

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METAVOGUE is the first digital fashion closet, marketplace and digital economy that allows individuals to buy, wear and sell digital fashion throughout their daily digital life. 

Digital fashion on METAVOGUE uses 97% less energy to produce compared to traditional physical fashion items. METAVOGUE can scale digital fashion to mass adoption, offer people the most sustainable and an equally satisfying alternative to physical fashion to drastically cut physical fast fashion consumption. 

Fashion is a paramount medium for individual expression and human non-verbal communication. Next to improving fashion’s environmental footprint, METAVOGUE democratises access to a wide range of fashion to empower global citizens creatively, economically and socially. 

METAVOGUE pushes what fashion can be to a new periphery. For the first time fashion designers can design how a garment changes with time, by designing garment metamorphose stages that can be unlocked by the user. 

Our relationship with fashion items is highly psychological, emotional, cultural, political and social with the shopping experience being a crucial journey within it. METAVOGUE revolutionises the shopping experience by offering individuals a new type of discovery, shipping and delivery experience that does not exist in physical reality. 

METAVOGUE will aim to replace impulse fast fashion shopping urges to support less but higher quality and sustainable physical fashion consumption.

METAVOGUE offers an upskilling platform to ensure that the digital fashion economy will be open to anyone.

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