R-UP3RT-0 by Milieu is a house appliance that transforms your organic waste into biogas and compost effortlessly in order to reduce GHG emissions.

Long description

Milieu is a multidisciplinary team which objective is to help our plant by providing innovative, feasible, and real ideas. That is why we are developing R-UP3RT-0 (code name) a household appliance that converts your organic waste into biogas and compost. Adapted to small and compact spaces, our project has the challenge of reducing its size in comparison with others out there so it can be used in places such as Mexico City where houses and apartments don’t have enough space.

By doing so our objective is to stop throwing away our organic residues and take advantage of them from inside our homes and getting something out of them: biogas and compost, which can be used and even can eliminate some expenses. 

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