The Uber for Waste.

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Through MyMalba we connect the Waste Generator directly to the Waste Picker – the 2 ends of the waste management system that are currently excluded from the purview of policy. We leverage the city’s existing waste infrastructure, both formal and informal – and provides the much-needed last-mile connectivity. We educate the people, workers, and waste pickers about proper Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste management. In the process, we remove the middle-man and empower the informal sector to get higher revenue and a steadier workstream. We encourage people to reduce and re-use – through MalbaMarket, a community sharing platform for free building materials, in our attempt to keep materials in the loop – and to send the remainder for recycling. GPS tracking helps ensure that the waste is taken to the city’s designated location. The benefits cascade through society, as we aim to divert illegal dumping in rivers & forests, regenerate ecosystems, and create a healthier living environment for all.

We start with Delhi and plan to horizontally scale this up to not only deal with the end-of-life of buildings but promoting completely circular architectural solutions. Eventually, we plan to vertically scale this to other Indian cities as well, which are starting to comply with the Construction & Demolition Waste Management Rules 2016 – and follow the Delhi model.

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