No More Plastic Bottles for Liquids in Retail Shops & Markets

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This Project aims to reduce the number of plastic bottles for any type of liquids, used in retail markets. With reference to two examples from our daily lives:

  1. Recent improvements in reducing the number of plastic bags in retail markets by pushing clients to bring their own bags
  2. Beer Pubs anywhere in the world, where draft beer is mostly served from dispensers, with beer tap system

Let’s take a drinks shelve zone in a retail market, where all drinks are mostly presented in plastic bottles and replace them with central dispenser and tap system/ Imagine taps for each brand and different type of drink, i.e. water, soda, coke, juice, served to the clients, who are supposed to bring their glass bottles from home, placing their glass bottles with a censored automated drink tap (by a simple clicking to prevent any gas leakage) and fill their bottle as much as they want/need. Then, after pushing the stop button to finish filling, get a barcode (the same we get after weighing any product) for their purchase. And finally, pay for it at the cash desk. In case the clients do not have enough number of glass bottles with them during the shopping, they can buy one in the market. Strengths:

  1. No more plastic bottles waste
  2. Less (more controlled) consumption
  3. Cost Reduction (no more cost for plastic bottles / graphics on bottles – cheaper drinks)
  4. Re-Use glass bottles at home
  5. Re-Use dispenser System
  6. Applicable to all liquids i.e. detergents, etc.

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