We are harnessing insects to turn organic waste into animal feed, while keeping famers at the heart of it.

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Nutriento is one of the pioneering insect farms in Kenya, harnessing the power of insects to alleviate pressure on local waste management services and create valuable products from organic waste. We started Nutriento because we saw how the prohibitively high cost of animal feed means that imported fish and meat is more affordable than the locally reared equivalent in Kenya. We’re challenging this unsustainable and wasteful model by growing black soldier flies and supplying them to feed millers as an alternative to expensive soy- and fishmeal. These feed inputs could otherwise be used for human consumption, making this practice especially wasteful. We hope to relieve pressure on wild fish stocks by making aquaculture and poultry farming inclusive and affordable, as well as removing the incentive to use wild caught fish in animal feeds. 


Our approach follows the circular economy model, and we strive to use every waste product from our process as a resource. As well as our insect meal, we are also producing a valuable fertilizer which we sell to local farmers. To scale our business we are using an inclusive ‘out grower’ model which directly improves livelihoods for other insect farmers and creates additional value to their products through post harvest processing. As we grow our operation in Nairobi we are also working with aquaculture and poultry farmers who can be trained to grow their own insects as feed inputs, using locally sourced waste products.

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