Sustainable production ,packaging and distribution of waste free periods products from underutilized agricultural waste .

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Nyungu Afrika is an environmentally conscious and creative social impact business whose mission to revolutionize periods by creating a new yardstick in the way menstruation is viewed in Africa by combining innovation, brilliant product design and international best practices that put women’s health, ,eradicating period poverty ,gender equality and environmental sustainability at its core.

Even though, sanitary pads are basic products used by women and girls for an average of 35 years from the onset of puberty ;menstrual product waste starts with production. According to UNEP ,menstrual hygiene products emit about 15 million tonnes gases during the manufacturing process and can take up to 35 million barrels of oil to produce. Further ,women prefer disposable sanitary pads which are classified as single-use plastics taking 500 to 800 years to decompose contributing to more than 20% of total land waste fills negatively impacting the environment by release harmful gases, draining clogs and contaminating rivers and oceans.

Through a circular design and innovative business model Nyungu Afrika will manufacture and distribute a patented low cost, high quality, biodegradable sanitary pad made from underutilized agricultural waste of pineapple and maize husk .Micro-franchising pad production to women self – help groups, micro-entrepreneurs, schools and local NGOS at the bottom of the pyramid in production, sales and distribution of our proprietary pads. Encourage adoption of green energy and sustainable sources of income from biogas ,animal feeds and soil manure which are byproducts of our pad manufacturing process

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