Ottan is an impact oriented bio-tech startup that develops, designs and produces sustainable, circular and durable bio-composite materials.

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Overproduction and overconsumption in the modern world leads to immense environmental problems such as natural resource degradation and depletion, climate change and inappropriate waste disposal. In response to this, Ottan offers a new circular business model that up-cycles waste into durable, high quality bio-composite material that has the potential to be widely applied in architecture and product design. Consequently, Ottan helps lower the carbon footprint of produced goods, while offering an innovative waste management method, as well as protecting virgin raw materials by advanced up-cycling methods. Ottan collects food and agricultural waste such as fruit peels, expired grains, nut shells and leaves from local producers. Then prepare It’s raw materials by drying and grinding those into dust and particles. Finally mix them with green resins and produce plates and products by moulding techniques. Ottan Materials (50% to 90% up-cycled organic waste) are not only high quality, durable, sustainable and feasible, but also they contain the natural colors and textures of nature. So that all designers can create with nature without compromising the environment. Ottan also offers a solution as a system that supports local production. Each region can up-cycle their own waste of an indispensable industry which is food by Ottan’s up-cycling technology instead of using virgin natural resources or growing new raw materials. So that we can maximize the use of resources, prevent others from being depleted and also lower the transportation burden of raw materials.

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