Paperfun redesigns the waste packaging material, square tube paper, to make it a valuable educational toy for children.

Long description

Paper Fun is a sustainable children’s toy design project, made of industrial packaging waste – square paper tube. Through the reuse and redesign of square paper tube, it becomes an interesting children’s toy, aiming at design as a technical means to promote environmental protection. Through the square tube paper tube cutting, it is divided into different forms of solid geometric units, and these units are combined to form different shapes of insects, “turning waste into treasure” makes waste materials play a new value. Paper Fun design gets rid of the single playing method of traditional toys, and can effectively develop children’s intelligence through children’s free collocation and combination. At the same time, the material of the toy is environmental friendily , which can make children establish contact with nature, increase the natural interest of the toy, and conform to the sustainable design principle.

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