Perfekto is a grocery subscription box that reduces food waste by combating supply chain inefficiencies.

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Perfekto is a customizable grocery subscription box of food items that are usually thrown away due to aesthetics (size, cracks), short shelf-life (near expiration date) or other supply chain inefficiencies (labeling errors, overproduction).

We want to reduce food waste in Mexico and LatAm while educating people to consume more consciously. We source our products directly from producers, manufacturers or food markets/supply centers that are unable to sell such products through traditional channels (like supermarkets, online grocery, restaurants). This way we help them turn waste into profit and reduce time and money spent on waste management.

Customers sign up via a web platform, choosing their preferred products. According to existing supply and their preferences, their box is built and sent directly to their doorstep, saving them time and money while ensuring food ends up on a plate and not in a landfill. In addition, thanks to the farm-to-table approach, the products are fresher and with a lower CO2 footprint.

The subscription model and the data we gather from suppliers and customers allow us to optimize our logistics, creating an ever more predictable and sustainable business model. Our subscription model not only allows us to plan routes effectively but also to only buy the products we actually need instead of buying too much. For packaging, it also allows us to foster a circular economy approach, where we collect the empty packaging from the last delivery to reuse them.

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