“Plate to Plate” focuses on transforming urban organic waste into food through composting garbage and developing edible urban gardens.

Long description

Based on the concept “Plate to Plate”, the project offers solutions for the urban organic waste promoting Food Security and Environmental Education through composting garbage and developing urban vegetable gardens. We are a business model with a socio-environmental impact. A movement that adds environmental values ​​and solutions to organic waste, promotes urban agriculture and sustainable gastronomy, encouraging education and citizenship. Our mission is:

  • Bring environmental solutions for urban organic waste;
  • Promote organic urban agriculture and local gastronomy;
  • Inspire new business and public policies;
  • Share information and knowledge about a sustainable lifestyle.

In a 10,000 square meters area, in the middle of the megalopolis, West Zone of São Paulo, Brazil, we are going to compost organic restaurants waste and use the fertilizer to set up a vegetable garden with special products for the same restaurants. The place will house a kitchen-laboratory and a classroom for workshops and events. There, restaurant chefs will be able to promote farm to table events and take their cooks to work in the vegetable garden and try different recipes. The place will also function as a culture center that will host schools, institutions, companies and people looking for a sustainable lifestyle.

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