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POOPIS is a project that aims to create an alternative for the current pet supplies in the market that are not sustainable by using materials that are truly compostable, also we developed an affordable compost system to make at home (easy to use and cheap to maintain) with materials that are compostable within the same system.

The system allows to convert pet’s waste as well as the substitute for plastic bags for cleaning it up and kitchen waste into rich soil for plants (during 6 to 12 weeks/not for human consumption), the compost can be use in parks, pots, mulch for plants, etc.

Our consumer receive clear instructions and is helped through social media, we encourage him/her to add kitchen waste to create conscience about their consume and dispose and the amount of plants on their nutritional regimen.

With the packaging waste and the manufacturing waste of the substitute for plastic bags for cleaning up the pet’s waste (poopis leaves) we produce cat litter and bedding for reptiles or rodents which is also compostable within the same system.

We have an organic multi-purpose cleaner and disinfecting product that avoids plastic packaging by using a compostable one within the same system; is effective for covid 19 and its efficacy lasts for 72 hours and is harmless for pets and the planet.

We are developing a compost device for parks where people and pets walk by but is on hold because pandemia. Our mission is to develop truly sustainable pet supplies.

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