Modular lower-limb prosthetics made of recycled plastics

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Existing lower-limb prosthetic solutions are either not affordable, not functional or not sustainable, leaving the majority of the world’s 65 million amputees without access to appropriate prosthetic solutions. We want to solve this problem, by transforming local plastic waste into affordable high-quality prosthetics, the Circleg prosthetic, through innovative circular design. The Circleg prosthetic is a modular, functional and affordable prosthetic leg for above and below-knee amputees. It is developed specifically for the needs of amputees and prosthetic technicians in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and was co-developed with their support. It is purely mechanical, yet functionally able to compete with high-tech alternatives. It allows for comfortable walking, in uneven terrain, squatting and kneeling, all movements supporting important everyday activities. We offer plastic waste in LMICs a new and improved life. The prosthetic is made of certified, recycled polypropylene (PP), meeting the high-performance requirements of a lower-limb prosthesis while being purely mechanical, lightweight, sturdy, significantly improving user comfort. Its design is modular, enabling easy repair and the replacement of broken components, reducing waste, as well as time and cost for technicians and amputees. We plan to manufacture sustainably close to our users, in Kenya, following the principles of the circular economy. To further minimize waste, we reinsert used prosthetic components into our supply chain, which are then recycled and used to manufacture new prosthetics. Our vision is to enable freedom of mobility for all through sustainable and holistic prosthetic care.

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