Introducing Pulp Fusion, a fully compostable material made from recycled paper and organic materials that helps the propagation of seeds.

Long description

The Paper Chair project started as a reaction to the increasing presence of plastics in the environment. 

We have to question the wrong materials engineering choices that have been made. Individual research at a maker level can empower us to switch to a new system that would not harm the Earth on the long term, but, at the contrary, promote its evolution.

We are proposing a chair that is not only 100% biodegradable, made from recycled paper and natural glues but that also carries pioneer plants seeds and participate to a guerrilla gardening re-planting of the planet. The aim is to replace plastic chairs with one that, if it can stay put for decades in a dry environment, can fully dissolve, upon disposal,  in nature, in a few weeks. The nature of seeds is to conquer new territories away from the mother plant. Our chairs are seeds carriers: deep within its future compost, the seeds await to make up for deforestation and help recolonize areas where human trash their belongings.

On the human end of our deal with Nature, the Pulp Fusion system is a socially engaged process which is shared with persons in economic difficulties in our developing countries. The production is disseminated discreetly to the homes of the less fortunate, giving them a chance to make a revenue, and removing the factory footprint impact on lands.

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