Using fungal biotech RADIAL transforms agricultural waste into carbon neutral materials; replacing styrofoam, MDF and animal or plastic leather.

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Radial is a biotech startup focused on carbon neutral material development based on biofabrication processes. This refers to the application of unique metabolic processes as a manufacturing platform that makes possible the act of growing materials.

The natural growth of fungi allows us to revalorize any vegetative waste derived from the agricultural industry and by it transform these waste into biomaterial solutions that can replace highly polluting materials that are hardly recycled.

With this technology we’ve been able to develop materials with different characteristics ranging from impact resistance, low density, insulation, high flexibility and even fireproof, all this with the significant difference that are materials grown in laboratories and 100% compostable.

This has allowed us to develop different biomaterials based on the same technological platform, we have a protective packaging material substitute for expanded polystyrene for packagin that can also be used as an engineered wood substitute for industrial design and at the same time we offer a flexible and tunable substitute for animal or synthetic leathers that has all the good of leather without the killing, the plastic and water exploitation.

By the natural metabolic processes of fungi, we offer a change in the linear fabrication paradigm to a circular and bio fabricated future that can help us migrate from large and polluting industries to laboratories with living organisms biomanufacturing materials, offering a scalable solution through waste transformation that can MAKE BETTER for the planet and their inhabitants.

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