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Waste such as plastic, Industrial, construction and demolition (C&D) waste ends up in landfills due to inefficient system, expensive transportation and lack of segregation. RecycleX has developed products such as Paver Blocks, Tiles, Planters & Furniture that are made from 100% recycled materials. The materials include any kind of plastic waste ranging from 3rd grade PE films to anything made from PVC, we can utilize thermoplastic as well as a thermoset. Apart from that, the rest of the material is also procured from waste like industrial and C&D waste making it a fully recycled product. The products are made according to IS standards (15658:2006) and have better results than benchmark requirements. Our product utilizes waste that has no alternate solution and ends up in landfills. Not only our product uses waste but it adds value to the supply chain as we procure the waste providing some revenue in return. With our products made as industry-standard, Plastic waste of the area can directly be utilized to make products that will eventually be consumed by their own local municipal corporations. In terms of environmental impact, the whole manufacturing process is carbon negative making RecycleX the first of its kind in the whole world as all the materials are waste or pollution. 

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