To reduce pollution caused by the use of single use plastic bottles by encouraging and enabling a water refill culture in residential apartments.

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IKOAQUA is an innovative social enterprise that applies creativity to address challenges affecting communities. In this project we seek to pioneer fully automatic and self-service water refill stations in Nairobi’s residential apartments in a bid to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment. Clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human need, as such this commodity need be accessible.

A lot of efforts has been put to ensure that safe drinking water is accessible, among them is water bottling. Unfortunately in doing so we have neglected the impact these plastic bottles have on the environment. Our project looks to address this challenge especially in Nairobi’s residential apartments. 90% of these apartments lack municipal water and the only water available is borehole water which is not potable (safe). As such the residents have to get water delivered to their apartments in 20l bottles and in most cases these bottles are not re-used. A family of five uses upwards of one bottle a week, translating to a minimum of 4 bottles every month. In an apartment of 60 households we are looking at 240 water bottles ending up in dumpsites in Nairobi.

Our project aims at reducing these bottles by providing self operated, fully automatic water filtration and refill stations in these apartments for residents to refill their bottles within the compound. We want to empower citizens with a different option, one that enables them to contribute towards a clean environment.

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