A portable zero waste refill station making quality products affordable and accessible without any packaging.

Long description

Refillable is a portable refill truck that refills home care liquids at the customer’s doorstep to eliminate any kind of plastic packaging.
An average Indian household contributes to around 100kgs of plastic only through home care products. Refillable is designed to eliminate waste at source by focusing higher up the chain in terms of waste management by aiming at reducing waste by reusing packaging enabled via our refill system.
The advantages are as follows :
1) Elimination of manufacturing of any kind of plastic packaging and least amount of carbon emissions by using an electric vehicle
2) Convenience since we provide doorstep delivery at consumer’s houses.
3) Cost as we provide a minimum of 10% discount on the MRP since we eliminate packaging as well as middlemen such as distributors & retailers by working directly with brands

Customers can refill in their existing packaging as well and pay for how much they require.

This also helps brands shift to reusable packaging and fulfill their sustainable packaging/EPR commitments. So we have designed our project keeping in mind all the factors at play. It also acts as a marketing tool as well as a d2c platform/new point of sale for the brands. We aim to create an IoT-enabled network of refill trucks operating as well as refill stations to enable an accessible zero-waste system.

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