RM it’s a 100% volunteer, citizen driven, micro local solution to ensure that food isn’t wasted and nobody goes hungry.

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The RM ends food waste and hunger (SDG 2) in local communities by involving all local stakeholders (SDG 11 and 17); we rescue thousands of tons of good food (SDG 12) to help preserve the environment (SDG 13), reverse food insecurity and improve health (SDG 3) in thousands and thousands of families (SDG 10) struggling with poverty (SGD 1). It is an innovative 100% volunteer, non-profit chain of national and local citizen-led democracies, poised to transform communities worldwide (SDG 16).


The RM volunteers collect surplus food daily from all food source partners (restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, large distributors, producers and agriculture), then package and deliver it to needy families in real time and every day. The RM’s mission is to end food waste, feed people and, through inclusion, empower each local community to become more just, caring and sustainable.

From the perspective of urban waste management, the RM’s activity is exemplary as a circular economy – each meal rescued is an act of PREVENTION, each meal delivered is an act of REUSE that feeds needy citizens (or, if the quality is diminished, it’s reused as animal food) and what cannot be reused is REPURPOSED/RECYCLED as compost or to produce energy. Nothing is eliminated, except waste itself.

Thus, the RM is a new actor in the food chain that builds a human bridge between excess food and the need for it in each local community – representing a RETHINK and a REDESIGN of the accepted model of the food chain.

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