A comprehensive collaborative database for extending product’s life through reuse, repair, and correct disposal, thus helping reduce waste.

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Reparar.org is an open tool to promote repair, reuse and correct disposal across LatAm in order to strengthen the repair sector, reduce waste, preserve resources and contribute to a circular paradigm. It’s an initiative of Club de Reparadores, and is currently at a pilot stage. Our experience of over 5 years has shown us there is great local interest in repair, but also a practical difficulty in finding trustworthy repair services, and efficient ways of donating for reuse or disposing for recycling. We therefore decided to create a tool to make this easier and more accessible. The project aims to create an open and collaborative directory of repairers that strengthens the sector by generating greater job stability, helping them promote their work and reach new customers. The platform will also provide information about organizations that promote reuse and correct means of disposal, playing a key role in promoting a circular economy model and providing CO2 emissions saving data to raise awareness among consumers about the climate impact of our things. The current pilot allows users to search and rate repair services according to category and location within the city of Buenos Aires. For the next iteration we want to improve several aspects of usability, accessibility and functionality, expand to more cities and add some key features which will make it a much better tool (including a CO2 emissions prevention calculator) and launch a bold communication campaign.

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