Recycled ceramics paired with 3D printing and parametric design.

Long description

Reprint Ceramics is actually the result of the combination of two innovative concepts: the 3D clay printing technique developed by Coudre and the upcycling method for ceramics by Fabrique Publique.

The project is supported by the EU WORTH Partnership Project.

The project was born out of the need to provide more circular options for the 3D clay printing industry. By using post-industrial and post-consumer ceramics’ waste as a resource for making new high-quality products, the use of raw materials can be reduced and waste materials can be reused in continuous closed cycles (re-recycling). Moreover, during the project it became clear that the recycled clay provides further benefits, compared to regular clay, in the sense that it is stronger and more stable after second firing.

The challenge of our project is the multi-tiered output that has to be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

This output consists of 4 pillars:

  • 3D printed lamps with recycled content;
  • pre-made recycled clay packages;
  • an open source knowledge platform;
  • workshops and consultancy: how to print with our recipe.

The final prototypes of the lamps are ready. The clay packages are being developed, but awaiting the outcome of further market research.

The other two outputs are under construction.

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