An easy way to repair consumer goods instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

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Imagine taking a picture of your torn shoe. An hour later we pick it up. Three days later we deliver your repaired shoe.

This is reuppt: a platform consisting of a web app, a mobile app and an analytical engine that will break the cycle of buy, use, discard, repeat.

  • A convenient solution for consumers to repair appliances, electronics, clothing and furniture – with a snap of an app and a few clicks:
    • Get a quote for your repair
    • All logistics covered
    • Secure payments
    • Warranty on the quality of the service
    • Access past repairs or portfolios from your dashboard
    • Share repaired/upcycled items on social media
    • Receive your item without leaving the house faster than ordering it from [your preferred marketplace]
  • A SaaS solution for craftsmen and -women, repair shops, tailors and other small businesses to manage:
    • PoS and payments
    • Order management
    • Marketing and lead generation
    • Scheduling
    • Pick-up and drop-off
    • Ratings, reviews and portfolio
    • Customer service

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