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Traditionally the resources used in the Indian society were complementary to each other, where each commodity is reused and recycled extensively in different ways in its life cycle. While some of these values still exist, the infrastructure and the stakeholders of this system have not been able to strive in an urban framework. Now we live in an almost use-and-throw society, where things are discarded for a new product at the smallest sign of defect. As our team sat down to discuss, we realized the humongous amount of waste our houses generate. There exist this ecosystem where we have scrap pickers, repair shops and piling waste in our cities without any proper structure to manage it at source. So, how do we revive this traditional value in the wake of the modern waste management crisis? After talking to numerous local ‘kabaadi walas’ (the Indian scraping pickers), and repair shops we realized there was a gap between a defective product reaching the repair shop and the product reaching a dumpster and the reason behind the choices was not misplaced values or ethics but convenience. After some serious ideation, we present to you ‘ReZero’. It brings recyclers, repair shop owners and customers on the same platform. Through this design solution, we want to bridge the gap created as a result of India’s fast developing society where things like sustainability are often overlooked in the wake up more important necessities of life.

Link for Prototype : Clickable Prototype for Application

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