Let's build circular walls from waste plastics and fill them with plants for urban greening

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We combine circularity with climate adaptation. We combine grey (plastic waste) with green (plants) and blue (waterstorage). Therefor We turn the restmix of local plastic waste (PP & PP), which normally gets burned or dumped, into large building blocks. From these blocks we build walls. As a next step we fill the blocks with bio-substrate (fermented soil with lots of micro-organisms) and an irrigation system based on rainwater. Then hundreds of plants are put into the walls. Each circular wall turns into a vertical green garden. We re-use tons of plastic waste and reduce at the same moment CO2-levels, fine dust and heat stress. We reduce the risks of floodings by storing rainwater in the blocks. We reduce noise disturbance and improve the living quality of neigbourhoods. At the same moment we improve the bio-diversity with our selection of plants. The focus is on separated collection of regional waste plastics. We offer citizens an easy way to work on a global problem: separate your plastic waste and let us turn it into building blocks for local houses. We can create new jobs in cities based on there own plastic waste stream. In Almere / Amsterdam region we are currently building our first Green Plastic Factory, for processing the plastic waste of this large region. This year we are doing 10 pilot projects, to research the best shapes of the building blocks, the optimal irrigation technique and the mix of plants and substrate with the largest impact on our goals.

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