Reusable and compostable cocktail stamper made of bamboo.

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Stampy is a reusable and compostable cocktail stamper (or tonic stamper) for the post-plastic world. It replaces the plastic versions and improves on their functionality. The design was developed specifically for wood and bamboo production processes which resulted in a curved shape, with small teeth at the end. This shape is ideal to smash lemon slices in the bottom of a gin&tonic and scoop out berries from a blueberry Martini. It can be safely used in hot drinks, too. It is simple, elegant, and imperfect. The nodes in the bamboo cause every piece to be different.

Starting 2021, EU members must ban single-use plastics, including all plastic cutlery and straws. Wooden utensils and paper straws are becoming the norm, but the “classic” black plastic cocktail stirrers are difficult to adapt to eco-friendly new materials since the shape is optimized for injection molding by design. Our product overcame this difficulty by completely rethinking the shape. The result is an eco-friendly and foodsafe cocktail stirrer which can be reused, which is dishwasher safe and at the end of its lifetime, it can be composted. It is easy to produce on a large scale, making it the kind of innovation that is not only inspirational but triggers real change. It shows how switching to renewable materials can lead to unexpected improvements in the design of a product.

Stampy is proof that we can change our man-made environment for the better on an industrial scale, without having to sacrifice our lifestyle.

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