Sustrato is an experimental design project that transforms pineapple industry’s waste into biomaterials and sustainable products.

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Sustrato is an experimental design project that transforms local waste into biomaterials through analysis, research and experimentation in which ancient techniques are applied in a contemporary way for their production.

The project is focused on the pineapple production waste as in this industry the fruit is the only monetary product, even though it takes almost a year to grow and only one piece fruit can grow from each plant. Furthermore, pineapple leaves represent approximately 80% of the growing material and are thrown away reaching up to 1 tonne per day in each company.

Thus, through research, extraction and transformation processes some biomaterials made out of pineapple leaves were developed: ropes, bioplastic, felt and an agglomerated material. Then, after testing the limitations and qualities of each material, the results were used to design some applications that could prove their viability.

With the felt and the agglomerated material some acoustic panels and acoustic screens were designed since those materials showed great results on sound absorption. Envelopes and packaging were designed with the bioplastic, which degradation process takes less than 2 years. Besides, in this second phase, the rope was improved to increase its strength, hence its viability.

The aim of this project is to get the most from this type of waste and show the potential of agroindustrial organic waste to be transformed into new sustainable products.

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