Tech Fix is a peer to peer knowledge sharing social network platform for people who want to fix or repair Electronic devices to extend their lifetime.

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Kenya generates over 44,000 tons of electronic waste (e-waste) each year, items such as old laptops and mobile phones ends up polluting the environment. Informal processing of e-waste in Kenya can lead to adverse human health effects and environmental pollution.


Our project is a social network that connect people who want to repair their electronic devices with other platform users who are willing to share repairing tips and advices on how to fix a particular device.

This platform enable users in Kenya ask, answer questions, and share repairing tips via SMS and online.


When a user wants to repair electronic device, he/she ask a question in our platform on how to fix a particular device. It is viewed and commented by other users in our platform.

Tech fix Community members help each other  in sharing information and advises on how to repair electronic devices.

The platform also connect users who can’t fix their electronic devices themselves to electronic repair shops near their location. And also  let users compare electronic device repairing prices in local repair shops.


Individuals who want to repair electronic devices also gain access to our marketplace – a network of trusted electronic repair shops in their neighbourhood. Our Electronic repair shops are independent businesses who partner with us to provide our members with quality equipment repairing at a fair prices.

Once Electronics repair shops joins our community, they gain access to thousands of Tech fix members.

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