A handmade paper workshop with creative tools and machines making paper with any kind of fibers.

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The fiber workshop is a handmade paper workshop, with creatives tools and machines making paper with any kind of fibers.
It is made up of various creative machines and homemade tools, all of which are used to transform textile waste, paper, and food scraps, into paper. We can turn textile waste into pulp with the Hollander beater. You can take a blender bike ride to collect paper packaging from residents and educate them about waste. We can park this same bike in a park and have a nomadic paper workshop. We can recover fibrous food waste to make paper: such as leeks, tomatoes, onions, etc.

The idea is to set up your papermaking workshop where you need it, and make it at home or create a small paper company with all its machines. You can become a sheet-making business, just like a pulp furniture business! What is incredible about fiber is that it is present in a lot of everyday waste, and then you don’t need glue to make a paper object (just to dry).

This workshop is accessible to all using simple machine and tool plans, waste is used to manufacture machines as much as raw material for machines. The idea is to change the way we look at this waste to give it value, and to raise awareness of these precious materials, locally. And building these machines will make you sympathize with your neighbor, and hit the hammer with another!

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