The only textile "anohi"

The project to transform useless cloth to the new attractive textiles by using the unique technology of fabric processing.

Long description

“ANOHI”, the only textile made from useless cloth expressing the scene of “the day”
〜Eliminating all waste from textile factories〜

In Japanese fiber factory and textile maker, there are huge amount of useless cloth unfortunately produced through producing product, which is stripped, scratched or for testing.

We focused on those cloth. By using textile processing technology called Needle Punching, we recreate useless cloth to bran new textile. This technology is to punch needles to several fabrics to tangle fibre of them and bind the fabrics together. This technology creates no heat, no water pollution, and, of course, no waste.  we approach to recreate useless cloth to new product without any environmental loading.

So far, it was incinerated as waste and generated greenhouse gases. Making textiles through this project will reduce the greenhouse gases that would have been produced by incineration.

In addition, this textile uses 100% unique waste and is hand-processed by designers and craftsmen to make it the only product in the world. This project could convert the value of waste into high-value and high-quality products.

Moreover, this project can let textile factories notice that all the useless textiles sitting in the warehouse can be developed new products without throwing them away, and the project has a scheme that they can easily participate in.

In the near future, through this project, all waste from textile factories will be eliminated.

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