The project recycles plastic waste and turn it into productive pavement blocks for construction.

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Our project of turning plastic waste into pavement blocks is under pilot stage. Malawi in general and Mzuzu City in particular has faced challenges of effectively managing waste including plastic waste. Unlike other waste that are biodegradable, plastic waste takes years to decompose. The failure to manage plastic waste has resulted into dumping of the plastic waste into water bodies surrounding the city and other surfaces. This has led to pollution of the water and land resources in the city which has led to dying of inhabitants in rivers and streams in the city. Furthermore, this has led to outbreak of waterborne diseases such as Cholera.

After looking at this problem, Revolution Human Aid and Transparency Initiative (REHAAT-INITIATIVE) under its department of Environment and Climate Change, initiated a project of recycling these plastic waste by turning them into pavement blocks for construction. The recycling of the plastic waste is still at pilot stage and so far the organization has only produced unperfected pavement blocks. The organization intends to expand the project so that it reaches commercialization stage with huge environmental and social impact.

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