We created a range of public street furniture made from recycled plastic to reduce waste while raising awareness.

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Ho Chi Minh City, colloquially known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam with a dense population of over eight million. While being the country’s economic hub, Saigon faces severe waste management problems: 1,800 tons of plastic waste is produced everyday, of which only 11% gets recycled.

The streets are lively through-out the city, with much commerce and gathering happening there. Makeshift cafes transform the city, where these ad-hoc public spaces for gathering encourage the use of plastic cutlery, packaging and bags, which end up littering the streets and sidewalks.

The mass produced Monobloc—the street furniture of choice, became a source of inspiration—and a tool to inspire thought around eco-consciousness. We reimagined this furniture using materials made from recycled plastic waste to visualize the potential of recycling. The message “Tôi từng là 500 bao bì nhựa” (I used to be 500 plastic packages) is engraved on the surface of the tables. Stating that the products came from recycled plastic will show that plastic waste can be repurposed into useful, beautiful, resilient, objects.

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