Vii lab is a 3 dimensional interactive online platform specially designed to educate creators on materials science: chemistry & biology.

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The awareness of the impact of our waste on the environment is increasingly arousing the interest of designers in ecological materials and means of production. Today, a designer gives birth to objects, reflects on their life cycle: materiality, sustainability, production, recyclability and end of life. To guarantee the circularity of a product, the search for materials is an essential step in the design process. But as a designer, with no training in materials science, where do you start?

Vii Lab is a unique interactive platform that allows designers to generate online material experiments before starting a new project. This precious educative tool is their first step toward empowerment. The goal of this learning platform is to teach designers the fundamentals of organic chemistry and microbiology, to help them identify material opportunities based on waste streams or locally available resources.

How chemistry and biology can help us re-think not only aesthetics and functionalities but also systems, to re-envision our full economy : where we are sourcing our materials, how we are manufacturing them, producing them, consuming them…?

Vii Lab is a powerful tool that will guide designers to create closed-loop material systems to eliminate waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform our industry into a circular economy.

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