Recycling plastic waste into accessible eyewear for Kenya's young and old through a new vision for high quality, sustainable manufacturing in Kenya.

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Main goals of the project:

  • Show that high quality, sustainable manufacturing is possible in Kenya. 🇰🇪 (economic)
  • Educate citizens that a contribution to the clean up benefits them as well. 🍃 (environment)
  • Make eyecare more accessible for citizens in the long term. ♥️ (health)

We can use one problem to solve another.

With 300 optometrists to 40 million Kenyans available, eyecare is not readily available to all citizens, and their environment is consumed by plastic waste.

It will open up a conversation about the circular economy, embodied by recycled plastic frames, biomaterial packaging made from sugar cane, and a second-hand textile sleeve.

Sales of glasses will support people with least access by providing eye tests, and catalyse local manufacturing in their area. Decentralised manufacturing will evolve to bring products and service to the people, reducing emissions

We are currently setting up a flagship facility in Nairobi to give people an experience of the entire process: to get an eye test, bring plastic for recycling and see their frames manufactured.

Once the user is finished with their cherished product or needs repairs, they can return the material to be repurposed into other products.

We’ll combine Nairobi Design Week’s creative network & technical experience with The Urban Tortoise’s optometry and retail expertise.

This is our Vision for Waste.

New video here:

Old video here:

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