Design-led socio-ecological transition for a sustainable sanitary future.

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The local authorities, schools, colleges and public places provide free and easy access to sanitary pads, tampons and reusable pads to whoever needs them. A revolutionary step in itself, it sparked the idea of our team living in Scotland to take the next leap. When Scotland was announced as the first country to address period poverty by making the period products free, the citizens wholeheartedly welcomed this progressive legislation. Therefore, we aim to bring together experts and the citizens of Scotland to start a conversation about sanitary products and provide a platform for encouraging social innovation.

We wanted to extend this access forward to not only period products but to the whole sanitary products domain comprising of baby diapers, adult diapers and period products. A Visionary Hub for collaboration, co-creation and raising awareness while engaging the communities, organizations and government to envision a sustainable sanitary future through innovation and knowledge sharing.

However, we believed that accessibility is only solving a part of the problem, and the major question it raised was “How might we initiate a sustainable sanitary revolution in Scottish homes and public places to minimize the environmental impact?”

Addressing these key concerns as to future changemakers, we propose to set up a social innovation hub that is located in Dundee in Scotland as a center for experimentation of material, incubation of ideas, workshop space for co-designing, a database of scientific and indigenous knowledge, and providing a stage for collaboration.

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