Join the watch to fight an excessive plastic usage by manufacturers, starting from your local store.

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Every day last year we have collectively produced 8 to 14 million pieces of plastic waste. This means that every minute a large truck of plastic was dumped into the ocean. 50% of this was a single-use plastic, plastic packaging being the biggest culprit. Only 9% of it has ever been recycled.

Waste Watchers project is aimed to look at the root cause of the plastic problem. We will mobilise the crowds to go to the stores and find examples of excessive plastic packaging used by manufacturers. The teams will be encouraged to look at:

  • excessive usage of plastic,
  • unnecessary packaging,
  • plastic made premium, and
  • poor package design of the products.

We will then collect all the finds and report them to the manufacturers, responsible for the goods, offering them alternatives solutions and designs, and inviting them to start their journey to no waste world.

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