Omiflo creates beautiful green spaces, and generates reusable clean water from sewage and wastewater.

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Wastewater presents one of africas biggest burdens and is in a state of crisis. Our system, is plant-based biotechnology that combines phytoremediation and hydroponics principles, to naturally clean wastewater more effectively, sustainably and affordably than conventional technologies and constructed wetlands.

We accomplish this through a specially designed hardware, a plastic unit, that hosts macrophyte plants/reeds and floats them on contaminated water. This creates a dense floating mass, a “Floating Green Filter” (Phytofix). Phytofix develops a high surface area of roots that is in contact with the wastewater, the plants take-in ambient oxygen and pump it to its roots, where it is then injected into surrounding wastewater as dissolved oxygen. This approach uses no energy or chemicals, eliminates smells entirely, and provides high effectiveness in a much smaller footprint than lagoons or constructed wetlands. The system requires basic gardening to maintain and can be managed by the community it serves. Phytofix is a carbon sink, and carries out aerobic oxidation of methane.

This approach overcomes a majority of the challenges presented by existing technologies. We enable users to treat their wastewater and reclaim over 70% of it to reusable standards or for responsible discharge. We have eliminated the need for costly infrastructure or technical expertise usually required to benefit from wastewater recycling. This makes wastewater treatment available to a wider demographic than conventional approaches. Finally our systems are beautiful and are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding environment, creating parks from wastewater, i.e. “Phytoparks”

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