Providing Low-Cost, Clean, and Safe Energy for Low Income Households.

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Agricultural waste occur throughout the supply chain. Every day, 25,000 to 30,000 tons of waste is generated in Kenya. Over 90% of it is not recycled. Of that, 45-60% is organic waste.  That means that an average of around 15,000 tons of organic waste go wastefully and harmfully to landfills every day. In the city’s environment, illegal dumping continues every day. Painfully, we watch truck after truck of waste drive past us looking to unload at the next quiet unregulated landfill or open dumps, many of which hold the scarce biodiversity remaining in our city.  This waste poses serious threats to society through increased health risks, environmental pollution and increased wasteland.

Bio-ethanol Gel is an alternative renewable and clean biofuel that reduces Kenya’s reliance on other energy sources. Without a clean fuel, desperately poor families must either buy expensive charcoal or kerosene or walk for miles seeking scarce firewood. Our main purpose is to deliver clean fuel at a price that undercuts charcoal and kerosene – which are the dominant dirty fuels used in the approximately $40 billion market for cooking fuel in urban sub-Saharan Africa.

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