A bike tour that makes going zero waste easy, fun and accessible to everyone.

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Problem: Our daily choices are dictated by our habits and living a Zero Waste lifestyle is often seen as time and energy consuming for the individual, as it involves lengthy research for better options. Moreover, Amsterdam already offers a hidden infrastructure for a Zero Waste lifestyle, yet knowing where to start, what to change and how to improve our daily consumption in a local context is so far not made easy and thus immensely overlooked.

WHY: With the Zero Waste Bike Tours, we take the tour participants on a ride through Amsterdam that many don’t even know exists. And solve a few questions around the myths of a Zero Waste lifestyle being inconvenient, expensive, timely and not accessible. Thus, we bridge the gap between the already existent Zero Waste infrastructure in Amsterdam and those willing to take action.

WHAT: We are organising Zero Waste Bike Tours in different categories to answer people’s questions around the topic in Amsterdam, allowing participants to connect to their local community and their stories behind them. Getting a look behind the scene additionally helps to relate to the city and their waste problem, thus once again creating impact as the need becomes apparent and the will for change increases.

HOW: We offer Zero Waste Bike Tours on various aspects of a Zero Waste lifestyle. Our tours connect those interested to locals in Amsterdam, showing it how easy, fun and financially feasible a Zero Waste lifestyle is.

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