To demonstrate the harmful effect of agriwaste disposal

'Fighting global climate warming challenges through the extraction of the planets resources'.

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The primary objective of the project is, to develop simple management strategies that would down-scale the challenges being faced by the global earth climate warming. Towards that actualization, the gender youth universe would be the engine drivers of the project and above all,generating some income to all the stakeholders in the market chain value addition. The project concept and management would entail, and among other market considerations the below listed:-

  • Collecting Agriwaste disposals from all the whole retail markets in the country.
  • Collecting Agriwaste food disposals from all the institutions in the country.
  • Collecting Agriwaste harvest disposals from all the available locations in the country maize stalks,beans cover pods etc.
  • Collecting furniture sawdust from all the available timber processing plants on the country.
  • Collecting paper waste disposals from the available factory processors in the country.
  • Collecting livestock and wildlife and human being dung disposal wastes from all the available market catchments in the country.

NB: The above would be processed with powder forms and then bred with the livestock wildlife and human dung for organic fertilizer manufacturing. The fertilizer would downscale the hitherto earth acidity and which was occasioned by chemical formulations, As a result,global earth warming be on progressive arrests while at the same time the country would witness increased food security. Organic Agriculture farming has better yield harvest than the one which is chemically formulated.

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