Hollbium Loops

Hollbium Loops

We bring farming to you - Hollbium offers vertical hydroponic Loops to grow healthy greens where- and whenever you need it.

Forest Wool

Forest Wool turns waste coming from the timber industry - pine needles - into textile fiber.

LeaveTree Kitchens & Furniture

Unleashing a sustainable revolution with LeaveTree Kitchens & Furniture, made of 100% natural and recycled material

Algorithmic Couture

Algorithmic Couture is a project aiming to automate the creation of zero waste kimono patterns and digitize traditional haute couture techniques

Ação Reciclar

Actions that add value to the waste and generate new values ​​for society.


We occupy a niche of recycled, low-cost plastic shoes that makes a profit, whilst also benefitting people and planet.


'Ecowrap' is financial viable & Technically feasible business model for optimum utilization of post consumed products or solid waste.

Solid Waste

"Os resíduos sólidos estão dizimando a nossa fauna e flora marinhas."

Bare Necessities Zero Waste

Seek to create environmental & social impact through zero waste solutions to empower local communities and change the mindset on sustainability

Golden Joinery Game

Golden Joinery is a non-commercial fashion brand developing in togetherness by mending our own dear broken garments with 'gold'.

Project BeachBot

A human-robot interaction concept to stop waste leakage at the source. BeachBot (BB) detects small litter and needs your help to detect even more.