The waste bins to be allocated under the budget for the residential courts

Fuliza Uchafu Nairobi Project

Waste management system improvement in the city of Nairobi by empowering homes to sort the waste and let the city manage the waste.


Biodegradable building and packaging materials from coconut waste

Hollbium Loops

Hollbium Loops

We bring farming to you - Hollbium offers vertical hydroponic Loops to grow healthy greens where- and whenever you need it.

Forest Wool

Forest Wool turns waste coming from the timber industry - pine needles - into textile fiber.

LeaveTree Kitchens & Furniture

Unleashing a sustainable revolution with LeaveTree Kitchens & Furniture, made of 100% natural and recycled material

Algorithmic Couture

Algorithmic Couture is a project aiming to automate the creation of zero waste kimono patterns and digitize traditional haute couture techniques

Ação Reciclar

Actions that add value to the waste and generate new values ​​for society.


We occupy a niche of recycled, low-cost plastic shoes that makes a profit, whilst also benefitting people and planet.